Military Student Aid 101

Military Student loan

To those enlisted and serving in the armed forces, first off: thank you for doing what you do. Secondly, if you’re pursuing or seeking to pursue a college degree, you’re in the right business – the U.S. Military certainly takes care of its own through a variety of scholarships, loans, and bills. You and (in […]

Financial Aid for Business School Students

Business Class

Many people working in the fields of accounting, marketing, finance, and human resources decide to further their career by going back to school to get their Master of Business Administration (MBA). There are many options available to do this. You can pursue full-time or part-time studies, as well as distance learning. If you are employed, […]

Financial Aid for Law School Students

Law School

Law school is not cheap. Post-graduate programs in general are not cheap. A law degree usually takes three years; this is after the four years, or so, you spent getting your undergraduate degree. Seven years is a long time to spend in school. It is a really long time to spend not working and making […]

International Student Scholarships

International Scholarships

For many it has been a dream to step foot on American soil. The American way of life is so different than many areas of the world. The US has a prestigious government , amazing healthcare and a great educational system. Many foreign students dream of being able to attend an American college and furthering […]

Stafford Loans 101

Stafford Loans

The sad truth is that sometimes, going to college feels like a huge scam. Sometimes it can seem like society has successfully pulled the wool over your eyes and convinced you to pay more money than you have for an education you’re not sure you need. But it doesn’t have to be this way – […]

Cancer Scholarship

Cancer Scholarship

Having cancer is a life changing event in an adult. Imagine if you are a child, teen or young adult and you are diagnosed with cancer. Things can seem even scarier, and for a child it can make the future seem bleak. It’s hard to even think about going to high school while on different […]

20 Video Scholarship Contest Sworth Checkingout

Black Mortarboard and dollar

Every year millions of dollars of scholarships are given away in the US. You always see who wins these scholarships and wonder why it can’t be you. In this day and age it’s even easier to win a scholarship ever. All you need is a good internet connection and a good camera to shoot video […]

Should You Pay Off Student Loans or Invest the Money Instead

Pay Off Student Loans

You’ve finally graduated from college and luckily found a job you like.  So now you have a job, a place to live and some cash to spare. You also have a student loan. Student loans are usually set up with a six month grace period after graduation before repayment begins. Many people look for ways […]

Avoid Making These Top 10 Mistakes on Scholarship Form


Obtaining a scholarship or grant can play a major factor in your college career. Receiving a scholarship can eliminate stress, the need to take on a part-time job and the need to obtain a student loan. You can increase your chances for success by avoiding the common mistakes students make when applying for scholarships. Missing […]