FSEOG Grants 101

FSEOG Grant Ineligibility

As keepers of equality, the government offers millions of dollars in grants for people who come from low-income families in an attempt to give everyone a fair chance at completing college and entering the general workforce. While some would say these attempts are misguided and don’t address the real problem at the root of income […]

Federal PELL Grants 101

Education savings

The American Dream is changing. No longer are we seeking to leave our homes and work hard for a new life – we’re already here, and finding work to sustain our lives now requires a bachelor’s degree. If you’re a high school senior fretting about how you can possibly pay for college, here’s some good […]

How America Pays for College in 2013

america pays 2013

How America Pays for College in 2013 Editors note: Although this study was published 6 months ago I think it is a very important topic to discuss The Ipsos Public Affairs has conducted a study called “How America Pays for College in 2013”, which features how families are beginning to settle into the harsh realities […]

Great Lakes Student Loan

great lakes

Everything You Need to Know about the Great Lakes Student Loan Considering the massive expenses associated with higher education, several people apply for a student loan to cover the costs of studying in college. One of the many loan providers in the United States is the Great Lakes Higher Education Corporation, which is also among […]

A Comprehensive List of State Grants (2nd Half)

state grants 11

This is the second part of the comprehensive list of State Grants. The first part is here. Maryland List of State Grants Aileen Lee Scholarship Eligibility – Best performing freshmen joining the University of Oregon. The scholarship is available for students who have demonstrated excellence leadership and academic performance in high school. Value – Offers […]

A Comprehensive List of State Grants (1st Half)

state grants 1

I have tracked a comprehensive list of State Grants that you can use to pay for your tuition. This took a lot of time to put together and I have divided the post in two parts. Below is the first half: ALABAMA List List of State Grants Alabama GI Dependents’ Educational Benefit Program Eligibility – […]

Navigating the Pell Grant Application Process

pell grant application 3-19-13

Navigating the Pell Grant Application Process Approximately 5400 post-secondary institutions offer Federal Pell Grants to students with demonstrated need. Unlike loans, students are not required to repay these funds. Although the monies are awarded by the college itself, the determination of need is made by the federal government’s Department of Education. As such, the application […]

A Look at Study Abroad Scholarships

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A Look at Study Abroad Scholarships If you have been considering studying abroad for a summer, a semester, or even a year, your biggest concern has probably been whether or not you can pay for it. The answer is yes, you absolutely can afford to explore the world as a student. And, it is the […]