FSEOG Grants 101

FSEOG Grant Ineligibility

As keepers of equality, the government offers millions of dollars in grants for people who come from low-income families in an attempt to give everyone a fair chance at completing college and entering the general workforce. While some would say these attempts are misguided and don’t address the real problem at the root of income […]

Federal PELL Grants 101

Education savings

The American Dream is changing. No longer are we seeking to leave our homes and work hard for a new life – we’re already here, and finding work to sustain our lives now requires a bachelor’s degree. If you’re a high school senior fretting about how you can possibly pay for college, here’s some good […]

TEACH Grants 101

Teach GrantsTeach Grants

Most freshmen entering college have no idea what major they want to pursue, much less what they want to do with the rest of their lives. However, in every incoming batch of freshmen, there’s a solid percentage who not only know what they want to do after college, but they also know the exact classes […]