Loan Forgiveness for Nurses


Student Loan Forgiveness for Nurses

You have probably been dreaming of becoming a licensed nurse for quite some time already. However, after years of studying hard to graduate and then finally passing the license exam, it does not feel like such a big victory because you are buried in debt due to your accumulated student loans.

Hence your initial years as an actual nurse will be spent just working hard to pay off these debts. This is why it is important to search for student loan forgiveness for nurses that can help ease your burden or even eliminate certain percentages of your credit.

How to Obtain Student Loan Forgiveness for Nurses

With the great popularity of student loans, it is no wonder that a lot of nursing graduates and even those who have already acquired their official licenses are on the lookout for the forgiveness of these loans in order to alleviate the load as they now become a part of the workforce. If you are wondering how to be part of this special forgiveness program for nurses, you should consult the Department of Education in your vicinity to see what they offer in relation to this.

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In exchange for federal loan forgiveness, you ought to engage in volunteer work for the state, offer your services in the military, or practice your nursing profession in remote areas and depressed communities indicated in the program.

The usual fundamental requirements you need to meet in order to obtain the student loan forgiveness for nurses would include the existence of student loans incurred for a nursing education in college, along with being a licensed nurse and working full-time at one of the places designated by law.

The greatest benefit here is to be freed from your debt even if you will have to skip your dream job or delay your desired institution for a while.  After all, since you are just starting out your career, the experience will certainly be of great significance in the future.

Seven Employment Options to Consider Under Student Loan Forgiveness for Nurses

Should you decide to avail of this forgiveness program of the state, you will have to choose from the following employment venues or sites as to where you would like to work:

Public schools You can work as a nurse in a public educational institution, looking after the health concerns and injuries of the students as well as assisting in health programs of the school.

Healthcare and medical facilities in the state You may choose to acquire relevant knowledge and experience in a hospital, clinic, or other healthcare facility which can boost your chances of getting closer to your dream job.

Federally sponsored community health centers Picking this option will give you the opportunity to be of service to different people, especially the less fortunate. However, you must be prepared to be in a depressed area or secluded setting.

Specialty hospitals for children If you like kids, this is probably the best alternative for you so that you can still enjoy the job while fulfilling your obligation for the loan forgiveness.

Teaching hospitals If you have an inclination for sharing what you have learned to others who are still completing their nursing studies, then this can be a good option.Family practice teaching hospitals- If you are planning to focus on family practice later on, this will be a great training ground for you.

Department of Health county health departments You can also opt to serve more people by working at this government department and helping promote the nation’s various health programs.

Going for one of these seven interesting and certainly beneficial employment options will not only relieve you of your student loans, but will also give you extensive training and experience as well as open up new opportunities. Getting student loan forgiveness for nurses offers incredible advantages that will jump start your career. If you are interested in pursuing a higher nursing degree but don’t want to be overwhelmed by the cost, there are solutions. You can easily find online programs, like a bachelor of science in nursing that will be easy to take and offers financial help. This online degree allows certified RNs to move into more specialized positions and increase their responsibilities. The bridge degree will allow you to manage you part time or full time job as well as earning a better education. At the end of your program you will still have the possibility to apply for a position in the seven positions mention before, but the cost of your education won’t be such a problem.

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