Single Mom Grants


Important Facts You Should Know about Single Mom Grants

Single mothers may encounter financial issues in making ends meet. With the increasing cost of childcare and education, it may be rather difficult for mothers to save money for emergencies. Fortunately, there are single mom grants that can provide financial independence and security for the family.

Single Mom Grants
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Overview of Single Mom Grants

The local, state and federal governments provide special grants to single mothers, which enable these women to obtain training for employment, pursue further studies, and meet their basic expenses. In the United States, over 30 million single mothers obtain grant money each year. The most common types of grants available are those that provide assistance for job training and educational support. However, it may be a better option to apply for a grant that does not only apply to single mothers, but to the children, as well. This way, you can maximize your benefits and improve your financial security while meeting your children’s basic needs.

Types of Single Mom Grants

The following are some of the common types of grants that the federal government offers to single mothers:

1. Public Education

The main thrust of this grant is to provide education opportunities to all citizens of the country. It also aims to banish discrimination based on sex, race, gender, religion, and color. The grant is under the Office of Civil Rights Division and the Department of Justice, and it is available to single moms with children who have been discriminated because of definite backgrounds. With this grant, an individual may receive financial assistance and equal funding opportunities for public education. Furthermore, the Attorney General may intervene with several school districts and help eliminate discrimination issues encountered by children of single parents.

2. Supplemental Educational Grants

Single mothers may avail of educational assistance that covers the expenses such as tuition and fees of qualified individuals. Applicants should meet certain requirements before they may receive money for this type of grant. For instance, you should be currently enrolled as a regular student, and you need to maintain the required academic performance. This grant is under the Office of Student Financial Assistance Programs and the Department of Education.

3. Child Care Grant

The Child Care grant provides support to children from low-income families. Qualified beneficiaries of the program usually include children who live with a single parent that is attending a job-training or educational program. Aside from offering financial assistance, the child care grant supports children that are under protective services. Those who wish to avail of this program should submit a financial documentation for analysis and evaluation. The Department of Health and Human Services, as well as the Office of Administration for Children and Families, offers this type of grant to qualified applicants.

Bottom Line

If you are a single mother, you will find several grants that can help you fulfill your needs and your children’s. By determining the type of grant you wish to obtain including the application procedure, you can receive financial assistance and support for the family. Make sure you understand the different requirements and process on how to apply and qualify for these single mom grants.

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