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Five Sources of Nursing Grants

For many people, being a nurse is a dream career. This field not only promises great benefits financially but most importantly you play a key role in the community by restoring someone to good health. Sadly, not everyone realizes this dream, despite the ever increasing demand for nurses; the academic expenses associated with this course are quite shocking. Many students opt for loans to fund their studies but this option could end up crippling you financially as you try to pay back the borrowed money.

Before getting yourself into debt, it is better to consider the available nursing grants. There are numerous sources of financial aid for nurses and below is a list of the top places you can land some free tuition money.

#1 The Federal Government

With the ever increasing shortage of nurses, health care standards all over the United States have been compromised. In a move to improve the current status of health affairs, the government is enticing more people to join the nursing and even medical field by offering grants and scholarships to students planning to pursue nursing or other health service careers. Some of the scholarships available from the federal government include:National Health Service Corps and The Health Resources and Services Administration

#2 The Military

The military is good at offering some of the best training to an individual. Other than working to protect and serve your country, by joining the military you can benefit from training in a nursing field of your choice. The good thing is that it comes for free and if you had a loan, you may be liable for loan forgiveness all together.

The only condition is that you are required to serve in the specific branch of the military for a certain period of time. Some of the financial aid institutions in the military include: Army ROTC Nursing, Army Nurse Corps and Navy Nurse Corps.

#3 Nursing Incentive Programs

If you are willing to practice in a deprived area, then qualifying for this kind of grant will not be a problem. This program aims at ensuring equity in distribution of nurses all over the country by offering to fund students willing to work in harsh areas with high health care demands.

Faculty Loan Repayment Program: Here up to $40,000 in grants can be obtained if you are willing to teach and train other nurses in the deprived regions.

Nursing Education Loan Repayment Program: Here by agreeing to work in a certain area for a minimum of two years, the government will in return cover part or whole of your study loan.

Nursing Grants
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#4 Nursing Organizations

There are many Nursing associations in the USA that are willing to offer scholarships to students aspiring to join this field. You can get grants for research, undergraduate as well as graduate studies from the following associations:The American Association of Colleges of Nursing, The American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, and The American Psychiatric Nurses Association.

#5 Minority Nursing Grants

If you are a nursing student with a minority ethnic background (Hispanic, black, Asian or Native American), this is your deal. Annual grants and scholarships are up for grabs from sources like The National Association of Hispanic Nurses and The American Indian Nurse Scholarship just to name a few.

Additionally, in a move to get more men practicing as nurses; organizations like American Assembly for Men in Nursing and Johnson & Johnson have come together to offer annual financial aid to nursing students pursuing undergraduate or graduate qualifications.

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