Minority Grants


Minority Grants Qualifications And Types/Examples

Minority grants qualifications

The U.S. government alongside many foundations in America offer grants aimed at benefiting minorities in various fields of work, research groups, and businesses . Although there are very many kinds/types of minority grants available, individuals must meet certain eligibility requirements to qualify for grants. For instance, to qualify for a minority business grant, you must present a budget and a business plan alongside personal info such as; SSN (social security number), current residential address, full names e.t.c. It is important to note that different grants for minorities require different information. You must therefore provide the requested information to stand a chance of qualifying for a minority grant. Below are types/examples of minority funds/grants.

Minority Grants

1. African American grants

As the name suggests, these are special grants for ”Blacks” or African Americans. Examples of some popular African American college grants include; United Negro College Grant, Frederick Douglass Scholars fund/Grunt, Mordecai Wyatt Johnson Grant, National Black Nurses Grunt e.t.c. Grunts such as United Negro College Grunt/Fund are among the best minority college grants. The grant funds have funded very many African Americans helping them attend college and university.

2. Hispanic minority grants

The United States has acknowledged the need to contribute towards Hispanic colleges and universities development. The government for instance has provided over $85 million in funding to Hispanic students and higher learning establishments. Although it took the U.S. government some time to establish funding programs for Hispanics, the government has stepped up its efforts to set up and also encourage private institutions to set up grant funds for Hispanic minorities. Some popular examples of grant programs for Hispanic minorities include; Hispanic Scholarship Fund, Silicon Valley Scholarship and Jose Marti fund.

3. Asian minority grants

There are also minority grants for Asian minorities in the U.S. The examples below represent the fastest growing and most popular minority groups for Asians in the U.S. that are actively involved in funding Asian students to pursue further studies. Some popular Asian minority grants include; the Asian Studies Association and Asian American New York Federation.

4. Native American grants

To qualify for a Native American minority college grant, you have to prove that you are a native by presenting your proof i.e. an Indian Blood certificate. You must also belong to a recognized Indian tribe. It is important to note that sometimes you may lack the above proof i.e. because tribes have changed their names or have a lack of documentation. In such cases, you can apply for special consideration. If you have documentation and proof, you can qualify for grants mentioned below i.e. Indian adult education grant, tribal colleges’ education grant and minority engineering and science improvement.

5. Minority grants disadvantaged groups

These grants are specifically for minorities with mental/physical disabilities. The grants are meant to help minorities with disabilities pursue further studies, attend rehabilitation or attend preschool. Examples of popular minority grants for disadvantaged groups include; Harry Truman Scholarship grant, rehabilitation training and continuing education grant, Tech-Prep education grant and preschool grant for special education.

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