Grants for Women


What You Need to Know about the Types of Grants for Women

With the increasing rates of school tuition and fees, some students may no longer be capable of continuing their education unless they obtain financial help. Fortunately, these students may apply for government college grants for women, which will enable them to complete their studies. Although these grants are merit-based or need-based, there is no need for students to repay the amount of money awarded to them. Moreover, minorities and underprivileged students may have an access to these grants offered by the state or federal government.

Grants for Women
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Types of College Grants for Women

1. Education Grant

Women may also avail of financial assistance or scholarship for further education, as well as those who wish to return to school. For instance, the American Association of University Women provides education grants to women such as the Alpha Delta Kappa, which provide $1000 scholarships to international and single women who study in the United States. Other scholarships may be limited to a specific field of study including the Society of Women Engineers, which offers financial assistance to female students that study computer science or engineering.

2. Federal Pell Grant

Students may consider obtaining the Pell Grant for financial assistance to their education. The grant awards about $5,500 to qualified individuals who seek funding for tuition and fees. Recipients may check out the requirements that will enable them to qualify for financial support and assistance. With this grant, students can return to school and receive funding from the federal government.

3. ACG or Academic Competitiveness Grant

The Academic Competitiveness Grant was established in 2006. This grant aims to support students who wish to continue their education, as long as they meet certain requirements. Only freshmen or sophomore students in an undergraduate program may qualify for this grant. Furthermore, applicants should submit evidences of their excellent academic record, so they may avail of financial assistance. Sophomores, for instance, should maintain a general average of 3.0 to obtain this grant. Students who are eligible for the ACG are also the ones who comply with the requirements set by the Pell Grant. Lastly, the total amount received under the ACG and Pell Grant does not go beyond the cost of attendance.

4. Reimbursement of Tuition

Another example of education or college grant that students may avail is the tuition reimbursement program. The federal government provides companies the opportunity to submit a tax-free contribution for their employees that are pursuing their education. When these employees have completed their courses successfully, the government funds are sent directly to colleges. As with any type of grant, there is no need to repay the grants unless these individuals fail their courses. With this in mind, applicants should aim to maintain a notable academic performance, so they can receive financial support for their studies.


The government and some private institutions offer different types of grants for women. Financial assistance for women’s education or further studies are only some of the many areas that these grants address. Interested individuals should choose the grant that could meet their needs and follow the steps included in the application process.

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