Student Grants


A Look at Student Grants

Many students or potential students may not be aware that organizations and the government throughout the country give away free money. By not inquiring about college scholarships, there’s no possibility of receiving any of it! In fact, it’s the same as throwing money away. There are a number of reasons to apply for college awards.


Student Loan Debt

After graduating, the student loan anxiety kicks in. Which means that a student who took out a loan for school is required to start paying it back. It’s a situation that can get frustrating and downright depressive if there is no job, but there is a loan that needs to be paid back. In addition, student loan interest rates are staggering! There have been stories of student loans that were originally $10,000 turning into $30,000 loans. These contributions can help take off some of the heat so that a student ends up not owing as much money. It is a great relief to have that extra cash to help with school while possibly lessening student loan payments.

College Becomes Less Expensive

As we mentioned before, student loans come with interest, and high interest at that. For example, if you take out a loan for $15,000 with an interest rate of 10%, you will have to pay $1500 per year for that loan. There are other things you could be doing with that money such as paying for books. However, a college scholarship for $15,000 will save you money including that $1,500 interest each year!

It’s not Difficult

Many individuals will sigh at the idea of applying for a college grant. However, there is no reason to. College scholarships are free money, money that can be used to further your education. All that needs to be done is to complete paperwork, ask for documentation, and compose an essay for a few of them. Once you get used to the system, it’s really not hard. You can always take the point of view that you can do the work now to win assistance or work later to pay back student loans.

It is to your Benefit to Apply for College Grant Opportunities

Now you have an idea of why it is important to apply for college awards. There are too many varieties of these rewards to count. Searching through the Internet will certainly give you a head start and you can easily select the awards you want where you meet the eligibility requirements. Before long, you will have “free money” to assist with your college education. You certainly can’t beat that!

College Grants

Higher education frequently results in better job opportunities and salaries. Due to the consistent rise in college tuition, earning for most requires accumulating a lot of debt. Fortunately, you can apply for a college scholarships and with the Internet, it is faster than ever. The yearly college tuition in 2011 was around $20,000 for private universities, public university cost was $12,000, and community colleges costs $5,000. However, this excludes food, clothing, and living expenses.



Taking out a student loan frequently leads to a large amount of debt after graduation. With the pressure to find employment, you will have to be creative enough to come up with the means to pay back the loan. Nonetheless, there are easier ways to pay for your college education, especially if you are in financial need. A college award supplies you with the monies for your education without the worry of having to pay it back.

It is a reward many organizations, schools, and the government provide for students to make it feasible for them to acquire a college education. There are many college awards that students are not aware of. The only way to find out is to search and apply for them. The largest and most popular starting place to finding college awards is the government website. They have a few main types of college awards for students. The most popular being the Pell Grant.

Pell Grants

They are awarded by the Federal Government to thousands of lucky students each year. The highest amount awarded in the 2010-2011 school year period was $5,500. The award amount given to each student depends on their family household income. Students are required to attend a post-secondary establishment during the time of their application and must finish the FAFSA, Free-Application-for-Federal-Student-Aid form for every year that wants to receive a grant.

Grants for Women



A woman looking for the opportunity to further her education or career may want to think about applying for a scholarship. Many scholarships for women are available. This is money that they can use to improve their lives without having to pay it back. Here are a few awards that are available for women.

Dorothy Harris Endowed Scholarship
Women interested in a Physical Education Degree, sports psychology, sports management, or sports sociology can obtain a grant of $1,500 from this scholarship program.

Google Anita Borg Scholarship
Google supports Dr. Anita Borg’s dream by creating the Google Anita Borg Scholarship. This scholarship assists with encouraging women to search for careers in technology and computing. The award sum is from $1,000 to $10,000.

Jeannette Rankin Foundation for Low Income Women
A woman 35 years or older in a low-income bracket, may be eligible for the Jeannette Rankin Foundation grant. The applicant will have to state why they feel a college education is important to them. If it is something that the organization feels fits into their vision, the applicant could receive the award. The amount awarded varies.

Besides the above award possibilities there are:

Government Grants for Women

Women can also apply for government assistance. First, they must apply for a Pell Grant with the FAFSA, Free-Application-for-Federal-Assistance. If they receive the Pell Grant, they are eligible for three other awards.

. Federal Supplemental Education-Opportunity
. Academic Competitive
. National SMART or Science-and-Mathematics-Access-to-Retain-Talent

Minority Grants

Many institutions desire to assist minorities and help them overcome the subjugation they might experience. The dilemma is finding the right award where the individual meets the criteria enough to receive the scholarship. Here are a few scholarships especially designed for minorities.

Gates Millennium Scholars
This program is sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. It is specifically for American Indians, Hispanics, Asians, Pacific Americans, and African Americans. They must either be a:

. High school senior
. Sophomore
. Junior
. Senior
. or Graduate Student in college

In addition, they are required to study one of these courses:

. Library science
. Education
. Computer science
. Engineering
. Mathematics
. Science

Students must also have a GPA of a minimum of 3.3. Each year one-thousand students are given this award.

Hearst Minority Fellowship
This fellowship is for minority students who wish to obtain a Master’s Degree in philanthropic or public affairs at Indiana University. The award amount is $15,000.

Gilbert Rios Memorial Award
Every year, one woman and one man who are Latino or Puerto Rican that wish to obtain an Undergraduate Degree are awarded the amount of $5,000.

Government Grants for Minority Students
Most individuals who receive Federal Government assistance are minority students. Therefore, applying for a Pell Grant is a logical step. Pell Grants are for individuals from low-income households. The higher the need, the greater the award can be. Amounts start from $400 up to $5,360.

Grants for Single Mothers

A single mother has the opportunity to seek a college education without being loaded with the costs. One of the many ways this can be accomplished is through special scholarships specifically designed for single mothers.

Types of Grants for Single Mothers
Many common scholarships for single-mothers are from the FAFSA or the Free-Application-for-Federal-Assistance. This permits single mothers to apply for several different awards such as:

. Pell Grants
. Academic Competitive, ACG
. Federal-Supplemental-Education-Opportunity, FSEOG
. Science-and-Mathematics-to-Retain-Talent-, National Smart

There are other places single mothers can check like with the government. Most states have a tuition-assistance program. For example, residents of New York can receive up to $5,000 through the Tuition-Assistance-Program or TAP. The Kansas Comprehensive Grants for Kansas residents offers up to $1,100. In addition, if they are employed, single mothers can inquire with their employer about tuition-assistance programs as well.


Nursing Grants



There are many nursing scholarships available. Scholarships can be found at health organizations that will supply future nurses with tuition assistance as long as the individual agrees to work with them for at least two years. In addition, the most popular nursing awards are through the government.

Government Nursing Scholarship
The US Department of Health and Human-Services have a nursing scholarship program. This program mandates that graduated nursing-students serve a healthcare-facility in mental health or primary care in a region that is deemed a Health-Professional-Shortage-Area, or CSF, Critical-Shortage-Facility.

With the agreement to assist a facility for two-years, money will be given for tuition, supplies, books, uniforms, fees, and a monthly stipend. In addition, a person could be eligible if they are a US citizen, registered in a Nursing Degree Program, without any Federal debts, starting classes prior to September 30th, and in considerable financial need. Plus, today you can find many online programs, like the Master of Science in nursing bridge program, which helps RNs get their master degree while working part or full time. With this grant, the government is allowing you to get the education you deserve in order to enhance your knowledge and further your career. The Indiana General Assembly has a very well known nursing award called the Nursing Scholarship Fund. The SSACI, or the State-Student-Assistance-Commission-of-Indiana manages the program.


Basically, no one can apply for a grant unless they know about them. To know about them you have to do your research. Once you do that, there is a great possibility that you will be on your way to a rewarding education.


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