State Loans 101

State Bank Of Mysore Education Loan

Federal loans are generally a good idea for college students because of their (relatively) low and fixed interest rates as well as their flexible repayment plans. Most federal aid is obtained without a credit check, so students and parents with marks on their credit history still qualify for government aid. However, there is only so […]

Private Student Loans Without a Co-signer

Student Loans Without Co-signer

Private student loans are often necessary for students to get in addition to federal grants and loans. Private loans cover education related expenses on top of COA (Cost of Attendance), things like laptop computers, books, tutors, and travel.  Living expenses are also not always fully covered by federal grants and loans. It doesn’t cost money […]

Financial Aid for Medical School

Financial Aid for Medical School

If you thought paying for an ordinary four-year degree was expensive, wait until you get to medical school – with yearly tuition costs ranging from $20,000-$50,000, paying for a medical degree is not easy. There are many medical-specific loans and scholarships that can help you graduate with your medical degree. Medical Loan Programs In addition […]

Student Loans with No Credit Check or Co-signer

Credit Report

The federal government wants students of all backgrounds and income levels to have access to higher education. The student loan system is designed to ensure this. The government doesn’t look primarily at a student’s capacity to repay the loan; their goal is offering opportunity. This is great news for a student who is looking for […]

PLUS Student Loan 101

Plus Student Loan

If you’re a college student or the parent of a college student, you’re probably looking at taking out some loans. While it’s never advisable to acquire too much debt, (and who knows what “too much” is when they take out a loan?) the investment of college is increasingly requiring parents and students alike to take […]

How to Travel While You Still Have Student Loans

Travel The World

Many students have two goals when they finally finish college; to find a job and to travel.  Sometimes they wish to do both. Sometimes they wish to travel before settling down to a regular work schedule.  Having student loans payments coming due shortly after graduation can put a damper on the travel plans. With a […]

Should You Pay Off Student Loans or Invest the Money Instead

Pay Off Student Loans

You’ve finally graduated from college and luckily found a job you like.  So now you have a job, a place to live and some cash to spare. You also have a student loan. Student loans are usually set up with a six month grace period after graduation before repayment begins. Many people look for ways […]

Fifth Third Bank Private Student Loan Review


The Fifth Third Bank Private Student Loan option is called the Smart Option Student Loan. This loan option is available for undergraduate and graduate students. Offering multiple repayment options and fixed or variable interest for each, there is bound to be one that fits any students situation.   Smart Option Student Loan: Interest repayment option […]

Does an Increase in Federal Aid for Students Increase College Tuition?


Does an Increase in Federal Aid for Students Increase College Tuition? With the alarming issue on expensive college tuition in the country, many people are seeking ways to point out the cause of this nationwide concern. For instance, economists from several renowned universities have attempted to create a theoretical framework that analyze how colleges tend […]

Should I Build an Emergency Fund or Pay my Students Loans off first?


Should I Build an Emergency Fund or Pay my Students Loans off first? Paying off your student loans and building an emergency fund are both important goals to attain financial independence. These are also essential steps you need to take to reach your goals of living comfortably during retirement. Naturally, you want to experience a […]