The Key to Staying Safe in College? Trust Your Gut

Students walking safely on campus

Colleges and universities take great pains in making sure the campus stays safe and crime free. Unfortunately there is no way to deter crime 100 percent effectively. No community is immune to crime or criminal behavior but there are ways to help insure your own safety and minimize the impact of criminal behavior on campus. […]

Balancing your School Work With an Active Social Life: It Can Be Done

school balace

It takes a very delicate balance of social life and academics to be successful in college. This isn’t an easy task. It is even more difficult for freshman who are new to the whole college experience. The sudden influx of personal freedom when it comes to their academic responsibilities seems fantastic at first. A day […]

What to Do with Your Summer Break

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Most college and universities start their summer break in early to mid-May. The return date is usually in August or September. There is a drastic difference between having a full schedule of classes, studying and paper writing and then having nothing to do. What do you do with all of this free time? There are […]

What to Do with Your Itty Bitty Living Space


College dorm rooms are plentiful, but full as well. When you are moving into a college dorm it is important to remember that your space will be shared and limited. Choosing how to accessorize your space can be an important part of college life. It allows you to accessorize your space, make it personal and […]

Is College Worth It?


Is College Worth It? There has been much debate lately about whether going to college is worth the staggering debit the average student leaves school owing.  This is exactly why we must ask, is collage worth it? IS THE DEBT WORTH IT Forty years ago college was out of reach for most people so only […]

Student Debt Crisis 2013-2014

Many people view the student loan issue with trepidation – will the crash of ’08 make a reappearance in our still-struggling economy? Will the 2013/2014 school year mark the fall of the student market? Not so fast… To be sure, there’s plenty of comparisons to be made with the housing market bursting in 2008 and […]

Smarterbucks Review


Smarterbucks Review Smarterbucks is a type of reward program that allows members to use their rewards as payment for their student loan debts. With the average debt of $25,000 among college students, this option may be a brilliant program to help you pay off your loans quicker. However, it is important to note that Smarterbucks […]

Practical Solutions to Student Loan Reform

obama student loan reform

Practical Solutions to Student Loan Reform President Obama has signed a law that aims to help students pay back their federal college loan debts. Beginning in 2014, borrowers are allowed to pay off no more than 10 percent of their income. The student loan reform act of 2013 allows any existing debt to be forgiven […]

How America Pays for College in 2013

america pays 2013

How America Pays for College in 2013 Editors note: Although this study was published 6 months ago I think it is a very important topic to discuss The Ipsos Public Affairs has conducted a study called “How America Pays for College in 2013”, which features how families are beginning to settle into the harsh realities […]

Could Treehouse Be An Alternative to College?

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Could Treehouse Be An Alternative to College? Nowadays, education has become almost a privilege instead of a right to most individuals because of the massive expenses associated with higher education. In fact, a growing number of students are buried in loan debts, which have caused them to suffer from financial hardship even after years of […]