How to Survive in College A.K.A: Study, Work Hard and Manage your Time

A student studying hard

College is a multi-tasking universe unlike any other. The more things you can successfully do at once the better off and more successful you will be. There is always studying to be done, activities to attend, papers to write and tests to prepare for. At the base of every college function and activity is the […]

Stay Active, Exercise And Play Sports For Your Mental Health

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College is stressful (learn how to handle college lifestyle here). New faces, new schedules, new responsibilities and other added stressors can begin to cause strain on students mental health. Add to these everyday issues the constant pressure to maintain high grades and the realization of what it means if you don’t, it’s a miracle the […]

Overcome The Fear Of Public Speaking

public speaking

One major fear that so many college students face is a fear of speaking in public. Not only college students but many people from all walks of life share this fear. Even successful business men and women cringe when faced with a presentation in front of a crowd. The most common reason people state for […]

How To Choose A Major

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Starting college is a time full of decisions and choices. Choosing your major doesn’t have to be the hardest one.  It is OK to arrive on campus and not have a “set in stone” idea of your career path. College is a learning and growing experience.Your interests and abilities change and grow during the university […]

Should I join a College Organization or Club? What’s in it For Me?

college organization

College isn’t all about hard work and academics. It’s also about growing as a person and learning your strengths and weaknesses. Participation in clubs, organizations and activities aids in rounding out your college experience by sharpening your communication skills, organizational abilities and leadership qualities. There are so many different groups to choose from, where do […]

Dont Get Caught Up in The College Drinking Lifestyle! It Could Mean Your Future!

stop alcoholism

College is an exciting, unpredictable and hectic time. It is full of new responsibilities and experiences. One of the biggest shockers of college life for new freshman is the sudden power of personal freedom. For the first time in their lives they are faced with making their own decisions in every aspect of their lives. […]

Dont College Pressure Flatten You

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School work and social pressures can make a student’s life extremely stressful. College life is demanding and the day to day pressures can cause a variety of problems in a students health. It is easy to become so overwhelmed that you cannot effectively manage these tension filled situations.

The Five Secrets Nobody Knows to Getting Good Grades

good grades

OK, maybe it’s not that nobody knows the five secrets to getting good grades, it’s just that nobody uses them. It’s simpler than you think to raise your grades and maintain a higher grade point average. You don’t have to be a genius or a bookworm to improve your grades substantially and maybe even hit […]

What are your plans for the summer?

friends abroad

Going to summer school? Finding a part-time job? Traveling or vacationing with family? Are you itching to travel but don’t know where to go or how to get the resources? Here are some ideas that might help you with that.

Something for the Summer

job opportunity

During summer vacation, college towns are full of companies and businesses that are looking for part-time or seasonal work. Summer jobs are available in almost any industry. This lends to opportunity to not only earn some extra cash, but also to gain valuable experience in your field.