FSEOG Grants 101

FSEOG Grant Ineligibility

As keepers of equality, the government offers millions of dollars in grants for people who come from low-income families in an attempt to give everyone a fair chance at completing college and entering the general workforce. While some would say these attempts are misguided and don’t address the real problem at the root of income […]

Federal PELL Grants 101

Education savings

The American Dream is changing. No longer are we seeking to leave our homes and work hard for a new life – we’re already here, and finding work to sustain our lives now requires a bachelor’s degree. If you’re a high school senior fretting about how you can possibly pay for college, here’s some good […]

Military Student Aid 101

Military Student loan

To those enlisted and serving in the armed forces, first off: thank you for doing what you do. Secondly, if you’re pursuing or seeking to pursue a college degree, you’re in the right business – the U.S. Military certainly takes care of its own through a variety of scholarships, loans, and bills. You and (in […]

State Loans 101

State Bank Of Mysore Education Loan

Federal loans are generally a good idea for college students because of their (relatively) low and fixed interest rates as well as their flexible repayment plans. Most federal aid is obtained without a credit check, so students and parents with marks on their credit history still qualify for government aid. However, there is only so […]

How to Survive in College A.K.A: Study, Work Hard and Manage your Time

A student studying hard

College is a multi-tasking universe unlike any other. The more things you can successfully do at once the better off and more successful you will be. There is always studying to be done, activities to attend, papers to write and tests to prepare for. At the base of every college function and activity is the […]

Saving money for the finer things in life


If you have a taste for good wine, good food or luxury travel, ensuring that you have enough cash to support your lifestyle is a must. Though for some finding the money for that special vintage or spontaneous weekend away isn’t an issue, many people across the country need a bit of help when it […]

The Key to Staying Safe in College? Trust Your Gut

Students walking safely on campus

Colleges and universities take great pains in making sure the campus stays safe and crime free. Unfortunately there is no way to deter crime 100 percent effectively. No community is immune to crime or criminal behavior but there are ways to help insure your own safety and minimize the impact of criminal behavior on campus. […]

Stay Active, Exercise And Play Sports For Your Mental Health

students playing

College is stressful (learn how to handle college lifestyle here). New faces, new schedules, new responsibilities and other added stressors can begin to cause strain on students mental health. Add to these everyday issues the constant pressure to maintain high grades and the realization of what it means if you don’t, it’s a miracle the […]

Overcome The Fear Of Public Speaking

public speaking

One major fear that so many college students face is a fear of speaking in public. Not only college students but many people from all walks of life share this fear. Even successful business men and women cringe when faced with a presentation in front of a crowd. The most common reason people state for […]

Balancing your School Work With an Active Social Life: It Can Be Done

school balace

It takes a very delicate balance of social life and academics to be successful in college. This isn’t an easy task. It is even more difficult for freshman who are new to the whole college experience. The sudden influx of personal freedom when it comes to their academic responsibilities seems fantastic at first. A day […]