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My name is Kevin Watts and like millions of people I am in student debt. Ever since I graduated college I’ve had a burning desire to rid myself of this heavy burden. Update: I am now debt free!

Even though my financial debt was not that high only $12,600 I found that this to be a burden that I wanted lifted!

I have seen my family go through financial difficulties and I promised myself not to make the same mistakes. Easier said than done! This site was created to be the ultimate resource for individuals making student loan decisions ultimately gain financial valuable financial knowledge.

I also wanted this site to help people, as well myself get out of debt, gain financial freedom and ultimately make money work for you. Ever since I graduating from College I wanted to achieve three things which were:

1. Freedom

2. Money

3. Independence

I believe that financial education is one of the most important and often overlooked things. Education yourself on finances should be a priority that everyone should do. No one teaches you this stuff in school! We are a Nation full Debt and Debtors. We spend aimlessly with little or no regard to future situations, we never plan our ahead and we end up buying a lot of useless crap.

Ultimately, I believe that College is not everyone. I found out myself the hard way. Even though I graduated with an engineering degree I entered my career in an unrelated field. Did I waste my time in College? I will never know but I believe going to College opened many doors and taught how to be an adult. For many people it makes a lot of sense to go to College but for many who have no interest in any of the majors offered and have a burning desire to make something of themseleves then they can bypass College and save lots of money.

Get out of debt and gain your freedom!

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  1. Great blog. I too graduated with a ton of student loan debt (partly loans and partly credit card debt to finance college life). I did go on to finish my MBA, certifications and post grad (dropped out after realizing I should focus entrepreneurship).

    I think I had close to $80K in debt. ::sigh:: I’m still paying it off and glad to say on track to be student loan debt free in a couple years.

    I thank you for sharing your experiences for everyone else.

    • Kevin Watts says:

      Thank you for the kind words. I am glad you are on the right track. It’s important to stay focused and disciplined to achieve your financial goals

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