How to Survive in College A.K.A: Study, Work Hard and Manage your Time

College is a multi-tasking universe unlike any other. The more things you can successfully do at once the better off and more successful you will be. There is always studying to be done, activities to attend, papers to write and tests to prepare for. At the base of every college function and activity is the same mantra: study- work hard- manage your time. If you can get those things down you can do nothing but succeed. Here are a few great tips: 

Getting organized

Getting organized may be the most important thing a student can do to aid in the study process. After all, how can you study if you cant find your notes or your text book? It actually takes less time to become organized than to stay disorganized. You save time and energy that is usually dispelled rummaging for lost items and worrying over them. Begin right away, take notes the very first day of class. Make sure you know exactly what is expected of you to pass each class. Will you need a thesis? A term paper? Will you have to conduct an experiment or turn in a folder? Make sure you know your responsibilities and the time frame for them. Learn how to get good grades in college at

Establish regular places and times for study

Establish regular places and times for study. Find a comfortable, quiet place to study each day. The same place and the same time each day makes it routine and easier to stick to. A good rule of thumb is for each hour of class time schedule two hours of study time. Make sure to take 15 minuets breaks between each hour to ward off fatigue, both mental and physical. 

A student studying hard

A student studying hard

Use the campus resources

Use the campus resources. The library is there for a reason, use it. Find out about and sign up for study groups and computer labs. Having a mentor and peers around you is a excellent way to stay on your toes and on task. 

Use a day planner or PDA daily! Write down every responsibility you have and when it is due. Schedule reminders if possible. Keep a to do list and check it twice daily, in the morning and in the evening. 

Set goals for yourself

Set goals for yourself. Setting daily, weekly monthly and semester goals for yourself helps you stay on track and achieve what you really want to. It’s very easy to get caught up in the hectic college life and loose sight of your original goals. When you know what your goals are make a list of what has to be done in order to achieve them. If your semester goal to make the deans list, then your list contains things like:

  • attend class everyday
  • study for and hour after each class
  • join a study group

It may seem like your college years will never end or that they will end with you. But when you work hard, study and manage your time efficiently the end will soon be in sight. You may even find yourself giving that valedictorian speech!

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