Stay Active, Exercise And Play Sports For Your Mental Health

College is stressful (learn how to handle college lifestyle here). New faces, new schedules, new responsibilities and other added stressors can begin to cause strain on students mental health. Add to these everyday issues the constant pressure to maintain high grades and the realization of what it means if you don’t, it’s a miracle the entire student body isn’t on Prozac! 

Constant stress and tension wreaks havoc on the mental state of students

Constant stress and tension wreaks havoc on the mental state of students. You can sometimes find yourself feeling depressed, anxious and irritable. It is a normal reaction the environment and circumstances but there is a way to alleviate some of the ill effects. Staying active with sports, exercise and activities is a wonderful and healthy way to fight stress and relieve tension. Staying physically active is proven to enhance self-image and boosts self-confidence. After exercising you feel relaxed. It fosters an overall feeling of health and well-being. 

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Loneliness is another factor that becomes an issue in the college years

Loneliness is another factor that becomes an issue in the college years. The transition from high school can be rough one. Students go from knowing everyone in the class to knowing no one and having to make all new friends in an all new environment. Joining sports teams, exercising and staying active not only helps fight the depression that can set in here but also provides a valuable venue to meet new people that share your same interests. 

Researchers in Canada say their studies prove that regular exercise can effectively manage mild to moderate depression. Doctors at the renowned Mayo clinic regularly prescribe exercise routines along with their medicine regimes.Staying active generally improves the quality of life. 

Being involved in a team sport stimulates self-reliance 

Being involved in a team sport stimulates self-reliance as well as provides adequate exercise. You begin to feel more confident in your physical abilities and experience a powerful sense of accomplishment. Most importantly for students is that it improves intellectual alertness and concentration skills in addition to learning new physical skills. It not only increases your chances of meeting new people but it sharpens your social skills. You meet people who are equally as interested in their college experience as you are. The camaraderie involved in a team sport fosters a feeling of family and encourages growth in a healthy emotional state. Students also learn leadership skills that are valuable tools for good mental health. 

University of Illinois researchers have found that physically fit children perform better in the classroom than those not in good shape. Teachers have long suspected this to be true. They state a strong relationship between academic achievement and fitness scores. 

Healthy, physical activity on a regular basis improves mental performance, increases fitness level, motivational presence and inspiration. It’s very important for students to take all the precautions possible to ensure they don’t fall victim to the stressful lifestyle involved in their education.

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