Review of ACS Student Loans

Whether you are planning to pursue higher education via distance learning, online certification or traditional learning programs, you will realize that the fees and overall costs may be difficult for you to handle. Hence, you will need to obtain financial support that can help you manage the expenses for your education. By doing so, you can avoid falling behind on your monthly or annual tuition payments while reaping the benefits of getting a college degree.

Highlights of ACS Student Loans

Students who are in need of financial assistance can look into the services offered by ACS. The company offers student loans that can lighten financial burdens and avoid daggering yourself in a deep hole of debt. In fact, ACS student loans provide flexible and reasonable payment schemes, so you can choose the best option that suits your needs and budget. Thus, you can concentrate more on your studies without worrying much about the tuition and fees while still in school.

Benefits You Can Expect from ACS

According to several people who have availed  ACS student loans, they appreciate the low interest rates that they pay on deferred loans. For instance, the interest cost is as low as 2.9 percent, which is incomparable to most credit cards in the country. Clients also have an option to consolidate their loans, so some people only pay at least $150 per month – and that is a very low amount.

Aside from the competitive fees included in a ACS loan consolidation, the company offers a forbearance and deferment program that only few companies provide. The forbearance program gives you a chance to skip one loan payment without incurring late payments or fees. Furthermore, this program does not double the fees you need to settle for the next month.

Review of ACS Student Loans

The ACS student loans allow you to forbear for at least 36 months, and the steps included in this process are not intricate at all. The only thing you need to do is contact the company and inform the lender about your request. There is no paperwork included, which can save you time and effort. Having your loan deferred, though, requires minimal paperwork. You also need to print the online form, although there is no need to send it along with your tax returns or W2 forms.

The ACS student loan consolidation program also entitles you to incentives. For instance, some clients were given a chance to obtain a rebate in case they settle their monthly payments promptly for six consecutive months. You can also receive other incentives that will cost you greater savings in the long run.

Limitations of ACS

Although the ACS student loans offer low interest rates and reasonable payment schedules, most clients agree that ACS need to improve its customer service. In case you have encountered issues with your loans from ACS, then you can request for your account’s full history for clarification. Unfortunately, though, the company may need to do something about its system and attend to their clients’ requests in a prompt and satisfactory manner.

Bottom Line

While there may be some complaints about ACS student loans, a high percentage of clients recommend the services and benefits offered by the company. Overall, the low interest rates, flexible repayment schedules and competitive pricing of ACS student loans help you manage your college tuition and fees without any worries.


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