A Comprehensive List of State Grants (2nd Half)

This is the second part of the comprehensive list of State Grants. The first part is here.

Maryland List of State Grants

Aileen Lee Scholarship
Eligibility – Best performing freshmen joining the University of Oregon. The scholarship is available for students who have demonstrated excellence leadership and academic performance in high school.
Value – Offers funds ranging from $250 to $500 with funds being divided between fall and winter academic terms.

Thursday Network I EMPOWER Scholarship
Eligibility – A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.8/4.0. Be a permanent resident of Montgomery County, Prince George’s County or the District of Columbia.
Value – Not Stated

Carson Scholars Fund
Eligibility – Be nominated by an educator, have a GPA of at least 3.75/4.0 and demonstrate deep humanitarian values.
Value – Funds totaling $1000

Ernestine Matthews Trust Scholarship Award
Eligibility – One must be a graduating high school senior from MD, DC, WV, PA or VA only. One must also feature rank in upper third of his class, show commitment not to use alcohol or tobacco and demonstrate need for financial aid.
Value – Not stated

The Heidelberg College Out of State Grant
Eligibility – Permanent residents of Ohio planning to attend Heidelberg College.
Value – Presidential ($12000 P.A for students with >3.0GPA); Dean’s ($10000 P.A for students with >3.0 GPA) and Academic grants ($8000 P.A for students with >2.75 GPA).

National Capital Area Gardens Clubs Scholarship
Eligibility – Applicant must be a resident of Maryland planning to major in landscape design, plant biology, pathology, botany and horticulture.
Value – A minimum of $3000

List of All State Grants

Massachusetts List of State Grants

Pell Grant
Eligibility – Low income undergraduate college students.
Value – Not stated

Teach Grant
Eligibility- Applicants must agree to teach full-time for four years after graduation.
Value – Up to $40000 per annum

John-Abigail Adams Scholarship
Eligibility – Best performing high school students waiting to join public institutions of higher learning (Merit-based).
Value – Not stated

Michigan List of State Grants

Pell Grant
Eligibility – Needy undergraduate students committed to academic excellence.
Value- Varies from $5777 to $ 5500.

Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grant
Eligibility- Your parent must have been a member of the US defense forces who died while fighting for America in Iraq or Afghanistan.
Value – Current maximum award is $3511.19

University of Michigan Need Based Grants
Eligibility – Needy undergraduate students.
Value – Not stated

Mattel Children’s Foundation Grants
Eligibility – Available for needy students looking to further their education; available on a competitive basis.
Value – Total $25000

Challenged Athletes Foundation Grants
Eligibility – For people with permanent physical disabilities.
Value – $ 3500

List of All State Grants

Minnesota List of State Grants

Federal Pell Grant
Eligibility – Undergraduate students who demonstrate significant financial need.
Value – Calculated according to U.S department of education grants formula.

Minnesota State Grant
Eligibility – One must be a bona fide Minnesota resident enrolled at MSU Moorhead for a full-time four year long course.
Value – Determined each academic year in line with FAFSA guidelines.

Federal SEOG
Eligibility – Available for needy students who are eligible for Pell Grant. Renewable on a first applied first awarded basis.
Value – Calculated on yearly basis based on information provided.

Eligibility – Undergraduate students willing to commit to teach full-time in high need subject areas after graduating.
Value – up to $4000

Mississippi List of State Grants

Ole Miss Opportunity Grant
Eligibility – Applicants must be permanent Mississippi residents planning to start their undergraduate studies as full-time students with >3.0 GPA.
Value – Varies depending on one’s needs.

Pell Grant Summer Development Program Grant
Eligibility – Available for students pursuing their first bachelor’s degree; particularly those who demonstrate dire financial need.
Value – Up to $4000 per year (U of M) limits this to $800 per annum due to scarcity of funds.

Sumners Grant
Eligibility – Students hailing from Attala, Choctaw, Montgomery, Carroll or Webster county pursuing courses approved by the financier.
Value – $2500 per semester for full-time applicants.

Mississippi Eminent Scholars Grant
Eligibility – Mississippi freshmen with an ACT score and >3.5GPA. Applications are reviewed on an annual basis.
Value – Up to $2500

List of All State Grants

Missouri List of State Grants

Access Missouri Awards
Eligibility – It’s a need-based grant program for first time undergraduate students who reside in Missouri and are US citizens.
Value – Determined by your EFC

Advanced Placement Incentive Grant
Eligibility – Reserved for excellent Mathematics and Science performers residing in the state of Missouri.
Value – Eligible applicants can receive a one-time grant of $500.

Bright Flight Scholarship
Eligibility – A merit-based scholarship program for students in the top 3% of all Missouri high school graduates in a particular year.
Value – Not stated; but it set annually.

Montana List of State Grants

Western Undergraduate Exchange
Eligibility – For first time undergraduate students joining or transferring to the University of Montana from around Montana, Alaska, Arizona, California, Washington, Wyoming, Utah and some other Western states.
Value – Not stated but is determined from the information on the admissions application.

Montana Resident Entering Student Scholarship Program
Eligibility – For new freshmen and transfer students joining The University of Montana.
Value – Not stated.

ROTC incentives
Eligibility – For people willing to commit to join the US Forces after graduating from college.
Value – Not stated but is determined on the information provided on the application forms.

Nebraska List of State Grants

Nebraska Legacy Scholarship
Eligibility – Applicants must be freshmen who are children of U of N graduates. One must rank in the upper one third of their graduating class and have a minimum ACT composite of at least 25.
Value – Not stated but is re-computed annually.

Pell Grants
Eligibility – Offered to needy students from poor families. Only available for students committed to delivering excellent academic results.
Value – Up to $1300 per annum.

Nebraska State Grant
Eligibility – Available for needy students who are residents of Nebraska and committed to delivering excellent academic transcripts.
Value – Not stated

The United Negro Fund
Eligibility – One must be an African American student. Funds are mainly channeled to African American colleges.
Value- Computed based on applicant’s specific needs.

Nevada List of State Grants

The Governor Guinn Millennium Scholarship Program
Eligibility – For bona fide Nevada residents graduating from Nevada-based high schools with a >3.25 GPA.
Value- Not available

Nevada Gear Up
Eligibility – Available for students enrolled in community colleges in the state of Nevada or studying in the University of Nevada.
Value – Not Available

Access matching Funds
Eligibility – Offered to students who demonstrate significant need for financial assistance. Exclusive to students who receive the GEAR UP grant.
Value- Matches what one is awarded in the GEAR UP award.

C. Byrd Honors Scholarship Grant
Eligibility – Available only to students who demonstrate dire financial needs and who perform well in class.
Value – Pays tuitions fees

Nevada Bureau of Indians
Eligibility – Available for people with Indian blood with an expected family contribution of at least $7200.
Value – Not stated

New Hampshire List of State Grants

Aileen Lee Scholarship
Eligibility – Meant for incoming freshmen at the University of Oregon. To qualify one must demonstrate commitment to excellence throughout their high school career (in leadership and academic circles).
Value – Ranging from $250 to $500

Shaw Worth Scholarship Award
Eligibility – Awarded annually to a New England high school senior student who demonstrate an undying level of commitment to animal protection.
Value – Not stated

New England Employee Benefits Council Grant
Eligibility – For individuals featuring in the employee benefits field aspiring to pursue careers in Actuarial sciences.
Value- Up to $5000 to supplement other formal programs.

New Jersey List List of State Grants

NJ’S Aim High Academy Initiative
Eligibility – Applicants must be New Jersey based who have completed their junior year in high school planning to enroll in precollege programs prior to joining campus.
Value – Not stated

Disengaged Adults-Returning To College Grant
Eligibility – Meant for New Jersey students who return to college after completing their undergraduate courses. Only people above the age of 20 are eligible to apply.
Value – About $75000 per annum

Dual Enrollment Grant Program
Eligibility – Meant for NJ high school students who want to earn colled credits while they’re still enrolled in high school.
Value – Ranging from $19000 to $24000

FAFSA Completion Grant
Eligibility – Applicants must be NJ residents seeking to repay their FAFSA loan.
Value – Ranges from $5000 to $10000

List of All State Grants

New Mexico List of State Grants

New Mexico Student Incentive Grant
Eligibility – For students attending public varsities but with dire financial needs.
Value – Varies from $250 to $2500 per year.

College Affordability Grant
Eligibility – Meant to assist needy students residing in New Mexico (and who do not qualify for other scholarships) to complete their education at public educational institutions within New Mexico.
Value – Maximum of $1000 per semester.

Student choice Grant
Eligibility – Available for undergraduate students who demonstrate substantial financial need; who’re attending private institutions in New Mexico.
Value – Determined by the institution

New York List List of State Grants

Tuition Assistance Program (TAP)
Eligibility – Meant to pay for successful New York university and college students.
Value- Tuition fee

NYS Aid for Part-time Study
Eligibility – Meant for needy high school students enrolled in part-time courses in schools in New York.
Value – Tuition fee

NYS Educational Opportunity Program
Eligibility – Meant for New York university and college students who are financially disadvantaged according to NY state guidelines.
Value -Subject to one’s academic needs.

North Carolina List of State Grants

Aubrey Lee Brook Scholarship Program
Eligibility – For high school graduates from certain NC counties. It’s administered by the Golden leaf foundation.
Value – A total of $12000

NC College Grant Program
Eligibility – Offered to financially needy students from North Carolina based on Federal Pell application information.
Value – Not stated but may total $12000 annually.

NC 4-H Development Fund Grants
Eligibility – Available for undergraduate students studying in accredited NC universities, junior colleges and community colleges.
Value – $500 and $500

N.C Sheriffs Association University Grants
Eligibility – Available for students enrolled in Criminal Justice undergraduate degree programs. Awarded on an annual basis.
Value – Face value of about $2000 (spread over 2 semesters).

North Dakota List of State Grants

North Dakota Academic Scholarships
Eligibility – Meant for freshmen preparing to join North Dakota universities who perform exemplary well in their high school studies and who committed to working hard through their undergraduate studies. One must have a >3.0 GPA.
Value – $6000 (total possible value)

ND Career and Technical Education Scholarships
Eligibility – Meant for North Dakota high school graduate who have a >3.0 GPA. It’s basically a reward schemes meant for top performing students.
Value – Up to $6000

ND State Incentive Grant Program
Eligibility – One must be a high school graduate from any North Dakotan university who has qualified to enroll as a full-time campus student in ND public varsities and colleges.
Value – Up to $1500 per academic year.

Tuition Fee Reduction Grant
Eligibility – Exclusively offered to surviving dependents of ND military veteran, firefighters and emergency medical service personnel.
Value – Partial or 100% fee tuition fee payment

Ohio List List of State Grants

Freshman Foundation Program
Eligibility – Available for students who demonstrate substantial financial need as stipulated in the federal guidelines. Such applicants are supposed to be residents of Ohio and with excellent academic papers.
Value – Evaluated every academic year.

Scarlet and Gray Grant
Eligibility – For undergraduate students who demonstrate substantial financial and are in excellent academic standing.
Value – Not stated.

Federal Pell Grant
Eligibility – Applicants must be enrolled in undergraduate degree programs (first bachelor’s degree) who demonstrate need for financial assistance.
Value- Maximum value may vary from year to year.

Ohio College Opportunity Grant
Eligibility – A reserve of undergraduate students who meet the EFC guidelines.
Value – A maximum of about $428 per semester

Oklahoma List of State Grants

National Science Foundation Award Search
Eligibility – For undergraduate students pursuing courses in science and engineering fields.
Value – Amount is determined per institution ($27 million shared among nine higher learning institutions in Oklahoma).

Oklahoma Arts Council Grant
Eligibility – Meant for students pursuing fine art programs.
Value – Not stated

Oklahoma Humanities Council Grant
Eligibility – For student pursuing humanity degree programs and who present award winning presentation that promote meaningful engagement with the humanities.
Value – Up to $8500

Choctaw Nation Grant
Eligibility – Available for higher education students with Indian blood who demonstrate substantial financial need.
Value – Totaling $1600 per academic year.

List of All State Grants

Oregon List of State Grants

Ford Scholars Program
Eligibility – Offered to student who demonstrate dire financial need; it’s limited to Oregon based students (and Siskiyou County, Ca students).
Value – Calculated to cover 90% of college costs.

Federal Grants Program
Eligibility – Offered to student’s who demonstrate substantial financial needs and who perform exemplary well in their high school exams. (Pell, FSEOG and TEACH Grant).
Value – Calculated in line with the guidelines set out by the federal government

Supplementary Pathway Grant
Eligibility – Available for students who are eligible to apply for Federal Pell Grants. It’s basically a preserve of financially needy students.
Value – Tuition fee

Pennsylvania List of State Grants

Pennsylvania State Grant Program
Eligibility – Available for students who are in dire need for financial assistance and who are planning to attend a PHEAA institution of higher learning.
Value – Varies depending on your financial needs and your type of school.

Children of Soldiers Declared- POW/MIA- Grant
Eligibility – Available for high school graduating kids whose parent(s) have been declared missing in action or prisoners of war.
Value – Info unavailable

Pennsylvania Chafee ETG Program
Eligibility – Available for foster children declared eligible for services under the CCFCIP program who are aged between 12 and 23.
Value – Up to $4000

Loan Forgiveness Programs
Eligibility – Available only to graduate teachers who are willing to commit to work fulltime at a low income school and for Veterinary medicine graduates.
Value – Up to $2000 per year for Agriculture students.

Rhode Island List of State Grants

Scholar Recognition Grant
Eligibility – A preserve for Rhode Island US citizens (or eligible non-citizen) pursuing their undergraduate degree program in accredited institutions.
Value – Ranges from $250 to $700 (based on one’s academic finance needs).

Academic Promise Grant
Eligibility – Given to students who are residents of RI and citizens of the US (or eligible non-citizens) who demonstrate substantial financial need.
Value – Up to $2500 per academic year

Scholar Recognition Program
Eligibility – Available for students who choose to continue their education in post-secondary school institutions of learning. One must have good SAT or ACT scores. Basically a recognition program.
Value – No monetary award

South Carolina List of State Grants

South Carolina HOPE Grant Program
Eligibility – Merit-based available for freshmen joining educational institutions accredited by CHE.
Value – Computed on an annual basis

Lottery Tuition Assistance Program
Eligibility – Available for financially needy students willing to forfeit an opportunity to enjoy other grants.
Value – Equivalent to the applicant’s tuition fee

SC Tuition Grant
Eligibility – Need-based, available to students from some 21 SC private colleges. To qualify, one needs to have at least 2.0 final GPA after graduating from high school.
Value – Tuition fee payment

Palmetto Fellows Scholarship
Eligibility – In-state residency and excellent college entrance exam scores.
Value – Up to $6700 per academic year.

LIFE Scholarship Program
Eligibility – Merit-based; meant for incoming freshmen.
Value – Reviewed annually.

South Dakota List of State Grants

Sources: http://www.collegegrants.org/south-dakota-college-grants-where-does-the-money-go.html http://www.collegescholarships.org/grants/states/south-dakota.html


Academic Competitiveness Grant (ACG)Eligibility – For students who qualify to receive Pell Grant. An applicant must be a South Dakota citizen with an exemplary academic track record.

Value – First year $750 and Second year $1330

National Science & Mathematics Access to Retain Talent Grant (SMART)
Eligibility – For third and fourth year students studying Mathematics, Technology, Engineering and Science. Also available for people studying foreign languages e.g Arabic, Russian or Chinese.
Value – Up to $4000 per year

Eligibility – For SD students pursuing higher education in teaching and who are ready to commit to work in a high need field in a low income area for at least four years after graduation.
Value – Up to $4000

Dakota Corps Scholarship
Eligibility – To be eligible, you must have a GPA of 2.8, a minimum ACT score of 24 in addition to committing to work in a critical field after graduating.
Value – Tuition and fees for up to four years

Tennessee List of State Grants

Sources: http://www.collegescholarships.org/grants/states/tennessee.html


Helping Heroes Grant
Eligibility – For bona fide Tennessee residents who have been awarded the Iraq/Afghanistan campaign medals; enrolled for post-secondary education and in compliance with the drug-free rules.
Value – Ranges between $500 and $1000 depending on one’s performance.

Wilder-Naifeh Technical Skills Grant
Eligibility – One must enroll in a Tennessee based diploma or certificate program and have lived in Tennessee for at least one year before applying.
Value – $2000 or not more than the tuition cost.

Tennessee HOPE Access Grant
Eligibility – For freshmen who have a GPA of above 2.75 and at least 18 ACT. Parent’s income should be less than $36000 per year.
Value – $875 – $2750 per year.

Dual Enrollment Grant
Eligibility – For students pursuing college education while attending eligible high schools. One must be a state resident and a high school junior to qualify.
Value – $300 per course (a maximum of 2 courses)

List of All State Grants

Texas List List of State Grants

Sources: http://www.collegescholarships.org/grants/states/texas.html


Hazlewood Act Exemption
Eligibility – For veterans and their families who are honorably discharged from service. One must have served in the forces for a minimum of 181 days (excluding training).
Value – Fee exemptions at state universities and colleges.

Texas Educational Opportunity Grant
Eligibility – For bona fide Texas residents who have been enrolled for at least nine academic hours and who have made an EFC of below $2000.
Value – Assistance for up to 4 years or until an associate’s degree is earned

Texas Public Educational Grant
Eligibility – Need-based for students attending school within the state of Texas (registered with the Selective Service).
Value – Not stated

Utah List List of State Grants

Sources: http://www.collegescholarships.org/grants/states/utah.htm


Utah Centennial Opportunity Program for Education Grant
Eligibility – Need-based, for students attending college within the state of Utah. One must first complete FAFSA.
Value – Not stated

Utah Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant
Eligibility – Campus based, for students who’ve completed a FAFSA and are students within the state of Utah.
Value – Not stated

Utah Leveraging Educational Assistance Partnership Program
Eligibility – Need based, for students enrolled in a list of approved colleges and universities within Utah.
Value – Up to $2500 in total

Eligibility – Need-based, for full-time undergraduate students who’ve completed a FAFSA.
Value – Not stated

Vermont List of State Grants

Source: http://www.collegegrant.net/vermont/


The Vermont Incentive Grant
Eligibility – For full-time students enrolled at any University in the US as long as they are recipients of the Federal grant. One must be working towards their first undergraduate degree.
Value – Vary from $700 to $11200

Vermont Part-Time Grant
Eligibility – Vermont-based students pursuing post-secondary education on a part-time basis. Need-based.
Value – Computed based on one’s needs.

Vermont Non-Degree Grant
Eligibility – VT based students pursuing vocational or technical training at VT-based institutions.
Value – Determined by VSAC

Virginia List of State Grants

Sources: http://www.collegescholarships.org/grants/states/virginia.htm


Virginia Commonwealth Award Program
Eligibility – For undergraduate students who reside in the state of Virginia. Need-based.
Value – Varies

Virginia Guaranteed Assistance Program
Eligibility – Virginia high school graduates with at least 2.5 GPA. Need-based.
Value – Tuition and fees

Tuition Assistance Grant Program
Eligibility – Graduate and undergraduate students.
Value – Graduates (up to $1900) and Undergraduates ($2500).

College Grant Assistance Program
Eligibility – Need-based, available for undergraduate and graduate level students.
Value – Ranges from $400-$5000 per year

Washington List of State Grants

Sources – http://www.wsac.wa.gov/PayingForCollege/StateAid/NeedGrant


State Need Grant
Eligibility – For low income undergraduate students pursuing their careers in Washington-based institutions. FAFSA completion.
Value – Calculated based on one’s academic needs.

The American Indian Endowed Scholarship
Eligibility – Native American citizens residing in Washington.
Value – Ranges between $500 and $2000

The Washington Scholars Program
Eligibility – For graduating seniors who rank in the top 1% of their graduating class.
Value – Not stated

The College Bound Scholarship
Eligibility – For high school (pre-teens) graduates who want to join college after high school. A minimum of 2.0 GPA is required; need-based.
Value – Portion of tuition and fees not covered by other state loans

West Virginia List of State Grants

Sources: http://www.collegegrant.net/west-virginia/


West Virginia Space Grant
Eligibility – U.S Citizens residents of West Virginia majoring in aerospace science. Need-based.
Value – $1000 to $2000

Advanced Education Nursing Grant
Eligibility – Students enrolled in accredited nursing schools (public or private). Takes 6 months to process.
Value – Not stated

Eligibility – Adult students returning to a college in the state of WV. One must be bona fide WV resident.
Value – Maximum grant can cover all tuition and related fees associated with the study program.

WV PROMISE Scholarship
Eligibility – West Virginia students with a minimum of 3.0 GPA and an ACT of at least 22 scores.
Value – Up to $4750 per academic year

Robert C. Byrd Honors Program
Eligibility – You must be a WV resident and a US citizen in your final year of high school. You must rank within the top 5% of your graduating class and attain at least 3.5 GPA.
Value – Tuition and other fees

Wisconsin List of State Grants

Sources: http://www.collegescholarships.org/grants/states/wisconsin.htm


Wisconsin Higher Education Grant
Eligibility – Undergraduate students at specified schools within Wisconsin. One must be a Wisconsin resident enrolled at least half time in a certificate or degree program.
Value – Up to $3000 per academic year

Talent Incentive Program Grant
Eligibility – Need-based students residing in the state of Wisconsin, nominated by their school’s Financial Aid office. Must a first time freshman.
Value – Up to $1800 annually

Lawton Grant
Eligibility – Meant for minority groups of persons residing in Wisconsin with an established financial need for the award.
Value – Up to $2500 per year

Wisconsin Tuition Grant
Eligibility – U.S citizens residing in Wisconsin enrolled for post-secondary education at a private institution. Need-based, for students enrolled for at least half the program.
Value – a minimum of $250.

state grants 11

Wyoming List of State Grants

Sources: http://www.collegescholarships.org/grants/states/wyoming.html


LEAP Grant
Eligibility – Proof of financial need with an EFC of less than $3850.
Value – Up to $100-$2500

Wyoming National Guard Education Assistance Plan Grants
Eligibility – Available for active Wyoming National Guard members committed to serving the guard two years after earning their degree.
Value – 100% tuition fee payment

Wyoming Space Grant Program Undergraduates
Eligibility – For undergraduate students interested in conducting research in math, science, technology or engineering. Must be US citizen with a faculty supervisor.
Value – Up to $5000

Wyoming Space Grant Program Graduates
Eligibility – One must be committed to conducting independent research as part of an MS or PhD. For US citizens only.
Value – MS- $13500 PhD- $18000

Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Grant
Eligibility – Meet guidelines to qualify for Vocational Rehabilitation
Value – Varies (Not stated)


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