A Comprehensive List of State Grants (1st Half)

I have tracked a comprehensive list of State Grants that you can use to pay for your tuition. This took a lot of time to put together and I have divided the post in two parts. Below is the first half:

ALABAMA List List of State Grants

Alabama GI Dependents’ Educational Benefit Program
Eligibility – Children or spouses of Alabama veterans with at least a partial disability who attend public institutions as undergraduates
Value – Tuition, fees and book assistance

Alabama National Guard Educational Assistance Program
Eligibility – Active members in good standing with Alabama National Guard
Value – Limited to $500 per term and $1,000 per year

Alabama Scholarships for Dependents of Blind Parents
Eligibility – Students from families in which head of household is blind with insufficient income
Value – Instructional fees and tuition

Alabama Student Assistance Program
Eligibility – Attending Amridge University, Birmingham-Southern College, Concordia College, Faulkner University, Huntingdon College, Judson College, Miles College, Oakwood College, Samford University, Spring Hill College, Stillman College, United States Sports Academy, University of Mobile and South University – Montgomery Campus
Value – Up to $1220 per year

American Legion Auxiliary Scholarship Program
Eligibility – Children or grandchildren of veterans of WWI, WWII, Korea, or Vietnam
Value – Tuition, Fees, Board

American Legion Scholarship Program
Eligibility – Children or grandchildren of veterans of WWI, WWII, Korea, or Vietnam
Value – Tuition, Fees, Board

Junior and Community College Athletic Scholarship Program
Eligibility – Full-time students at junior and community college who participate in sports
Value – Not to exceed total tuition and books at public junior and community colleges

Junior and Community College Performing Arts Scholarship Program
Eligibility – Full-time students attending junior and community college
Value – Not to exceed in-state tuition only

Police Officer’s and Firefighter’s Supervisor’s Educational Assistance Program
Eligibility – Dependents and spouses of police officers or firefighters killed in the line of duty
Value – Tuition, fees, books, and supplies

Senior Adult Scholarship Program
Eligibility – Senior citizens who meet admission requirements at two-year postsecondary institutions
Value – not specified

Two-Year College Academic Scholarship Program
Eligibility – Acceptance at public two-year institution, renewed upon demonstrated academic excellence
Value – Not to exceed in-state tuition and books

List of All State Grants

ALASKA List of State Grants

Alaska Advantage Education Grant
Eligibility – Admitted as undergraduate, minimum half-time enrollment, have unmet financial need of $500 or more
Value – $500 – $2,000 per year

Alaska Performance Scholarship
Eligibility – Completed high school APS curriculum, 2.5 GPA, ACT – 21, SAT – 1450
Value – Up to $4,755 per year

ARIZONA List of State Grants

Arizona Leveraging Educational Assistance Partnership
Eligibility – Demonstrated substantial financial need
Value – $2,500 maximum per year

Math, Science, Special Education Teacher Loan Forgiveness Program
Eligibility – Juniors and seniors attempting to attain license as a teacher in math, science, or special education in Arizona public schools
Value – Maximum forgivable loan is $7,000 per academic year

Last Stretch Scholarship
Eligibility – Completed at least 60 credits, eligible for Pell Grant, maintain satisfactory academic progress
Value – $2,000 maximum per academic year

Postsecondary Education Grant Program
Eligibility – Upper 50% of high school class, 2.5 GPA, half-time minimum enrollment
Value – maximum $2,000 per year for up to four years

AZ Private Post-secondary Education Student Assistance Program
Eligibility – Enrolled full-time at a private degree-granting institution, demonstrated financial need
Value – $2,000 per year for up to two years, applied toward tuition, books and fees

ARKANSAS List of State Grants

Governor’s Scholars Program
Eligibility – High school GPA of 3.5 or ACT – 27 or SAT – 1220, demonstrated leadership capabilities
Value – $4,000 – $10,000 per year for tuition, mandatory fees, room and board

Washington Center
Eligibility – Second semester sophomores or above, 2.75 GPA, participation in internship program
Value – up to $6,000

Academic Challenge Program
Eligibility – Enrolled in nursing degree program full-time, 2.5 GPA
Value – up to $4,500

List of All State Grants

CALIFORNIA List of State Grants

Cal Grant
Eligibility – Submission of FAFSA, verified Cal Grant GPA
Value – Up to $12,192 per year to pay college expenses
California Dream Act

Eligibility – Meet California AB 540 criteria, attend public college or university
Value – Institutional grants, college fee waivers

COLORADO List of State Grants

Colorado Need-based Awards
Eligibility – Qualified students with documented financial need
Value – Not specified

Colorado Work Study
Eligibility – Students with financial need or work experience
Value – Varies by program

Dependent Tuition Assistance Program
Eligibility – Dependents of Colorado law enforcement officers, fire or National Guard personnel killed or disabled in the line of duty OR dependents of prisoners of war or missing in action service personnel
Value – Tuition, on-campus room and board

Colorado National Guard Tuition Assistance Program
Eligibility – Members of the National Guard
Value – Up to 100% of tuition costs

CONNECTICUT List of State Grants

Capitol Scholarship
Eligibility – Top 20% of high school class or SAT – 1,800 or ACT – 27
Value – Up to $2,000 a year, can also be used at out of state colleges that have reciprocity with CT

CT Aid for Public College Students
Eligibility – Attending 2 or 4 year public university

Value – Limited to unmet financial need
CT Independent College Student Grant Program
Eligibility – Attending eligible CT independent college or university

Value – $7,875 per year maximum
CT Minority Teacher Incentive Grant
Eligibility – Minority junior or senior enrolled in teacher preparation program
Value – Up to $5,000 a year for 2 years

DELAWARE List of State Grants

Scholarship Incentive Program
Eligibility – Demonstrated substantial financial need, 2.5 GPA, full-time enrollment
Value – Up to $2200

Educational Benefits for Children of Deceased Veterans and Others
Eligibility – Child of member of the armed forces whose cause of death was service-related; member of the armed forces who is being held or was held as a prisoner of war; member of the armed forces who is officially declared missing in action; state police officer whose cause of death was service-related; or state employee of the Department of Transportation routinely employed in job-related activities upon the state highway system whose cause of death was job-related
Value – Tuition and fees

Governor’s Education Grant for Working Adults
Eligibility – High school graduate or GED recipient, 18 or older
Value – $2,000 per academic year

Governor’s Education Grant for Unemployed Adults
Eligibility – High school graduate or GED recipient, 18 or older, registered with Department of Labor, recommended by a DET career counselor
Value – $2,000 per academic year

Diamond State Scholarship
Eligibility – High school seniors who rank in upper quarter of class, SAT – 1800, enrolled full-time
Value – $1250 per year

FLORIDA List of State Grants

Access to Better Learning and Education Grant
Eligibility – 12 credit enrollment minimum, meet Florida’s general eligibility requirements
Value – Tuition and fees less all other scholarships and grants

First Generation Matching Grant Program
Eligibility – Minimum 6 credit hour enrollment, be a first generation college student
Value – Determined on financial need basis

Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program
Eligibility – Meet specific coursework, minimum GPA, and test score requirements
Value – Established per credit hour

Florida Postsecondary Career Education Student Assistance
Eligibility – Enroll for a minimum of 6 credit hours, meet Florida’s general eligibility requirements
Value – 2012-13 maximum, $2,534

Florida Work Experience Program
Eligibility – Enroll no less than half time in career certificate program, 2.0 GPA
Value – Based on number of hours worked

Jose Marti Scholarship
Eligibility – Be of Spanish culture, 3.0 GPA
Value – Need based

Mary McLeod Bethune Scholarship Program
Eligibility – Enroll at Bethune-Cookman University, Edward Waters College, Florida A&M University, or Florida

Memorial University, 3.0 GPA
Value – Dependent on funds available
Rosewood Family Scholarship Program
Eligibility – Direct descendants of Rosewood families affected by incidents of January 1923, enrolled full time
Value – Dependent on funds available

Scholarships for Children and Spouses of Deceased or Disabled Veterans
Eligibility – Child or spouse of Florida veterans who died as a result of service
Value – Dependent on funds available

Talented Twenty Program
Eligibility – Rank in top 20% of class, complete all 18 core course requirements for state university admission
Value – Need-based

List of All State Grants

GEORGIA List of State Grants

Hope (Helping Outstanding Pupils Educationally) Program
Eligibility – enrollment in eligible public and private colleges and universities
Value – Not Specified

HAWAII List of State Grants

Hawai’i Community Foundation
Eligibility – Varies depending on specific scholarship
Value – Dependent on specific fund

IDAHO List of State Grants
* Idaho is one of 15 states comprising the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE)

State Agency Higher Education Partnership
Eligibility – Not specified
Value – Not specified

ILLINOIS List of State Grants List of All State Grants

Monetary Award Program
Eligibility – Demonstrated financial need, enrolled in a minimum of 3 hours
Value – Maximum of 15 credit hours

Silas Purnell Illinois Incentive for Access
Eligibility – Student Aid Report with zero expected family contribution
Value – Up to $500

Illinois National Guard Grant Program/ Illinois Veteran Grant Program
Eligibility – Illinois National Guard member or veteran
Value – Not to exceed maximums when combined with other programs

Grant Program for Dependents of Police or Fire Officers
Eligibility – Spouse or child of police or fire officer at the time of death or disability
Value – Subject to annual appropriations

Grant Program for Dependents of Correctional Officers
Eligibility – Spouse or child of State of Illinois Department of Corrections officer killed or 90% disabled in the line of duty
Value – Subject to annual appropriations

Bonus Incentive Grant
Eligibility – Beneficiary of Illinois College Savings Bond
Value – Maximum $440

Student to Student Program of Matching Grants
Eligibility – Determined by each participating college
Value – Subject to annual appropriations

Higher Education License Plate Program
Eligibility – Attend college for which collegiate license plates are available
Value – Subject to annual appropriations

INDIANA List of State Grants

Frank O’Bannon Grant Program
Eligibility – Full-time enrollment at an eligible university or college
Value – Need-based

Twenty-first Century Scholars Program
Eligibility – Income eligible 7th and 8th grade students who enroll in the program
Value – Up to four years undergraduate tuition

Nursing Scholarship
Eligibility – Full-time student, agree to work as nurse in Indiana health care for two years, 2.0 GPA
Value – Need-based

Minority Teacher Scholarship
Eligibility – minority student majoring in Special Education or Occupation or Physical Therapy
Value – Up to $4,000 annually

Indiana National Guard Supplemental Grant
Eligibility – Member of Indiana Air and Army National Guard and attend eligible school
Value – Up to 100% of tuition

Part-time Grant Program
Eligibility – taking at least 2 but less than 12 credits
Value – Need-based

The Mitch Daniels Early Graduation Scholarship
Eligibility – Students who graduate from public high school at least one year early
Value – $4,000

IOWA List of State Grants

All Iowa Opportunity Foster Care Grant

Eligibility – Age out of Iowa’s foster care system
Value – Up to $8,000 per year

All Iowa Opportunity Scholarship
Eligibility – Financial need
Value – $7,824 Maximum/ Year

Governor Terry E. Branstad Iowa State Fair Scholarship
Eligibility – High school seniors who have participated in Iowa State Fair
Value – Up to $1,000 per year

Iowa Grant
Eligibility – Priority given to students whose parent was killed in the line of duty as a public safety worker
Value – $1,000 per year for up to four years

Iowa National Guard Education Assistance Grant
Eligibility – Iowa National Guard members
Value – $6,658/year

Iowa Tuition Grant
Eligibility – Enrolled in private college or university
Value – $4,000 maximum award

Robert D. Blue Scholarship
Eligibility – Demonstrated literary and scholastic ability; moral character
Value – Up to $1,000

List of All State Grants

KANSAS List of State Grants

Kansas Ethnic Minority Scholarship
Eligibility – Minority, financial needy students who meet academic requirements
Value – up to $1850 per year

Kansas Teacher Service Scholarship
Eligibility – Enrolled in program leading to teacher license in certain subjects
Value – Up to $5,482 per year

Kansas Nursing Service Scholarship
Eligibility – Agreement to practice nursing at a specific facility for one year
Value – $2,500-$2,500 per school year

Kansas State Scholarship
Eligibility – Complete required curriculum
Value – Need-based, up to $1,000 annually

Kansas Comprehensive Grant
Eligibility – Financial need
Value – $100 – $3,500

Kansas National Guard Educational Assistance
Eligibility – Less than 20 years of service with the National Guard
Value – Up to 100% of tuition and fees

Kansas Military Service Scholarship
Eligibility – Served in or for Iraq or Afghanistan for at least 90 days, unless injured
Value – Payment of tuition and fees

KENTUCKY List of State Grants

Go Higher Grant
Eligibility – Age 24 or older, financial need, seeking first undergraduate degree
Value – Up to $1,000

LOUISIANA List of State Grants

Taylor Opportunity Program for Students
Eligibility – Attend one of Louisiana’s public colleges or universities; community and technical colleges; Proprietary and Cosmetology Schools; Louisiana Association of Independent Colleges and Universities
Value – Dependent on specific award

List of All State Grants

MAINE List of State Grants

Leigh Phillips Scholarship
Eligibility – High school seniors with a disability
Value – $700

Advancement of Construction Technology Scholarship
Eligibility – Students involved in career or industry organization
Value – $500

Alice Haiss Scholarship
Eligibility – Current of former RSU 54/MSAD 54 Adult Education students
Value – Up to $500 annually

Alpha One Powering Education Scholarship
Eligibility – Documented disability, B average
Value – Up to $2,000

Alva S. Appleby Scholarship
Eligibility – Enrolled in dental school
Value – $1,000-$2,500

American Postal Workers Union of Maine
Eligibility – Child of active or deceased union member
Value – $1,000 per year over maximum of three years

American Society of Civil Engineers Maine Section
Eligibility – Graduating high school senior who intends to study civil engineering
Value – $2,000

Archie Russakoff Music Scholarship
Eligibility – Sophomore music or performing arts students from high schools in the Skowhegan area
Value – Variable

Associated General Contractors of Maine
Eligibility – Interest in pursuing career in construction
Value – $500-$4,000

Boothbay Region, Brunswick Area Student Aid Fund
Eligibility – Graduates of Booth or Brunswick area high schools
Value – Need-based

Bud’s Shop ‘N Save Scholarship Program
Eligibility – Full time associates or children of associates in the markets
Value – $500

Captain Robert E. Wallingford, Jr. Scholarship Fund
Eligibility – Graduating senior entering law enforcement or fire science
Value – $500

Central Maine Community College Scholarships
Eligibility – All community college students
Value – Varies

Children and Youth Scholarship
Eligibility – High school senior or higher
Value – $500

Criminal Justice High School Scholarship
Eligibility – Apply to Andover College and enrolled in one of high school law enforcement programs
Value – $500

Cumberland County Retired Educators Assoc.
Eligibility – Enrolled as education major, resident of Cumberland County
Value – $1,000

Foster Care to Success
Eligibility – Unadopted orphan or in foster care one year of high school, at least
Value – $1,000 – $7,000

Frank J Gaziano Memorial Offensive and Defensive Lineman Award
Eligibility – Competed at varsity level for a CCS school for at least two years
Value – $5,000

Fred C. Scribner, Jr. 1930 Fellowship Fund
Eligibility – Graduating seniors from Dartmouth College who will attend law school
Value – Up to $5,000

Friends of Pearsons Memorial
Eligibility – Graduating senior, resident of Alfred
Value – $250

Garden Club Federation of Maine Scholarship
Eligibility – Major in field related to horticulture
Value – $3,000

The Genevieve C. Geeve Scholarship Fund
Eligibility – Major in Equestrian Science or related field
Value – $500

The Georgetown Working League
Eligibility – Georgetown resident applied to or attending advanced education trade school
Value – $1,000-$2,000

Grand Lodge, Knights of Pythias
Eligibility – Any
Value – $500

Grande du Maine Chester Worthington Scholarship
Eligibility – Nursing students
Value – Varies

Guy P. Gannett Scholarship
Eligibility – Major in journalism or related field
Value – Need based

Hannaford Charitable Foundation Scholarship Program
Eligibility – Children of associates or associates of Hannaford
Value – $2,000 – $5,000

Harrasekket Grange #9 – Patrons of Husbandry
Eligibility – Freeport high school seniors studying agricultural, environmental or marine sciences
Value – $250

Hollis Hannington Scholarship of PLC
Eligibility – Senior going into forest products industry
Value – $1,000

Hood Sportsmanship Scholarship
Eligibility – Varsity athletes, 3.0 GPA
Value – $5,000

Hope Milliken McNally Scholarship
Eligibility – Ellsworth High School graduates
Value – Up to $2,000 per year

Island Institute Scholarship
Eligibility – Resident of Maine’s unbridged islands
Value – Up to $2,000

James V. Day Scholarship
Eligibility – Children or grandchildren of veterans who belong to an American Legion Post
Value – $500

Joel Abromson Memorial
Eligibility – Any
Value – Up to $1,000

Kennebunk Savings Bank Foundation
Eligibility – High school senior in York County market area
Value – $1,000

Kenneth Jordan Higgins Memorial
Eligibility – Financial need
Value – Need based

Lamey-Wellehan Main Difference
Eligibility – Commitment to have positive impact on Maine’s economy and/or environment
Value – $1,000 per year for up to four years

Lawrence Alan Spiegel Remembrance
Eligibility – Acceptance to school that is Title IV eligible
Value – $1,000

Liberty Graphics Art Scholarship
Eligibility – High school senior
Value – $1,000

Lou Fontana Scholarship Fund
Eligibility – Seeking degree in teaching Special Education
Value – $750

MAEA Senior Art Scholarship
Eligibility – Enrolled in visual arts class, pursuing degree in fine arts, nominated by a teacher
Value – $1,500 maximum

Maine 4-H Foundation
Eligibility – Current member of 4-H
Value – $1,000

Maine Business & Prof. Women’s Club – Career Advancement
Eligibility – Women 30 years and older for job-related continuing education
Value – $1,200

Maine Campground Owners Association
Eligibility – Studying for a career in outdoor education
Value – $500

Maine Community Foundation’s Scholarship Program
Eligibility – Any
Value – Varies

Maine Innkeepers Association
Eligibility – Major in hotel administration or culinary sciences or students related to members of MIA
Value – $500 – $2,500

Maine Legislative Memorial Scholarship Fund
Eligibility – Any
Value – $1,000

Maine Machine Products Company
Eligibility – Accepted into Machine Tool Program at Central Maine Community College
Value – Full tuition, books and lab fees

Maine Metal Products Association Education Fund
Eligibility – Applied for enrollment in precision machining technology or related
Value – $2,000 maximum

Maine Public Relations Council Scholarship
Eligibility – 3.0 GPA, majoring in public relations or related field
Value – $1,000

Maine Roads Scholarship Program
Eligibility – Working in early care and educational field
Value – Varies

Maine Rural Rehabilitation Fund
Eligibility – Enrolled full time in agricultural education
Value – Varies

Maine School Food Service Association Continuing Education
Eligibility – Pursuing major in nutrition, food management, or culinary
Value – $150 – $500

The Maine State Chamber of Commerce Scholarship
Eligibility – Varies
Value – $1,500

Maine State Credit Union Scholarship
Eligibility – Primary member of Maine State Credit Union
Value – $1,000

Maine State Employees Association
Eligibility – Dependents of members
Value – $500 – $1,500

Maine State Golf Association
Eligibility – Financial need, active interest in golf, outstanding character
Value – $1,500 per year, $6,000 maximum for four consecutive years

The Maine State Society of Washington, D.C.
Eligibility – Under 25, completed at least one year of college, 3.0 GPA
Value – $1,000

Maine General Medical Center
Eligibility – Residents of Kennebec Valley, pursuing health or medical profession
Value – $100 – $1,000

Mainely Character Scholarship
Eligibility – High school seniors
Value – $5,000

Mary Lou Marks Smith Scholarship
Eligibility – Community college students majoring in horticulture or related field
Value – $500

MAVEA Scholarship
Eligibility – High school seniors enrolled in vocational/technical program
Value – $400 to $500

MMG Insurance Company
Eligibility – Graduating seniors from Presque Isle High School
Value – $1,000

Montello-Sawyer Memorial Scholarship
Eligibility – Member or child of member of The Appraisal Institute
Value – $500

Native American Waiver and Scholarship Program
Eligibility – On the tribal census of federally recognized tribe
Value – Varies

The New England Employee Benefits Council
Eligibility – Interest in career in benefits field or human resources
Value – Up to $5,000

OMNE/Nursing Leaders of Maine
Eligibility – Enrolled in nursing program
Value – Approximately $500

The Osher Scholarships
Eligibility – Varies
Value – Varies

Past National President Frances Booth Medical Scholarship
Eligibility – Child or grandchild of member of Veterans of Foreign Wars
Value – $500 or $1,000

Patriot Education Scholarship
Eligibility – Pursuing degree in business
Value – Up to $5,000

Penobscot Nation Scholarship
Eligibility – Members of Penobscot Nation
Value – Varies

Portland Players’ Joseph Thomas Memorial Scholarship
Eligibility – Outstanding “players” either on-stage or backstage
Value – Not less than $500

Portland Rossini Club Scholarships
Eligibility – Music majors, between 17 and 25, residents of Cumberland, York and Oxford counties
Value – $500 – $2,000

Risk Management Association
Eligibility – Dependent of employee o RMA
Value – $750

Rodney C. Harmon Scholarship
Eligibility – Any
Value – $500

Roger B. Berube Annual Scholarship Fund
Eligibility – Public Housing or Section 8 housing residents
Value – $1,000

Senator George J. Mitchell Scholarship Fund
Eligibility – Entering first year students
Value – $1,500 per year for up to four years

Society of Women Engineers
Eligibility – Intent to study engineering
Value – $500

Stratton Lumber Inc.
Eligibility – Reside in the area serviced by Mt. Abram High School
Value – $1,000

Thomas J. Landers/Charles L. Jackson Memorial Scholarship Fund
Eligibility – Intent to pursue a career in law enforcement
Value – $500

Town of Moscow Scholarship
Eligibility – Resident of Town of Moscow
Value – $1,500, renewable for up to four years

Unitil Scholarship Fund
Eligibility – Reside in area serviced by Unitil, enrolled in STEM major
Value – $5,000

University of Maine Pulp & Paper Foundation Scholarship
Eligibility – Enrolled in engineering, engineering technology, forestry management program
Value – Not provided

University of Southern Maine
Eligibility – Varies according to scholarship
Value – Varies

Veterans’ Dependents Educational Benefits
Eligibility – Children or spouses of Maine resident veterans killed in action
Value – Tuition waiver

VII Corps Desert Storm Veterans Association Scholarship
Eligibility – Served or be a family member of those who served with VII Corps in Operations Desert Shield/Desert Storm
Value – Up to $5,000

Wasco Products Scholarship
Eligibility – Dependents of employees of Wasco
Value – $250

Waterville Business and Professional Women’s Organization
Eligibility – Financial need, 3.0 GPA
Value – Not provided

Waterville Women’s Association Non-Traditional Student Scholarship
Eligibility – Women who have experienced an interruption in their education
Value – $500

Woodstock Scholarship
Eligibility – Resident of Woodstock
Value – $400

York County Council of REALTORS®
Eligibility – York County High School seniors enrolling in a business major
Value – $1,500


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