Latest Music Trends For College Students

It started with Napster and it has just progressed from there. In the past college students have been really into downloading as much free music as possible from the Internet. So will this trend continue or will this trend start to dissipate since the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has started cracking down on […]

High Tech Studying Tools

Life for college students is complicated. Between classes, studying, partying and working, it sometime seems like it is hard to keep track of life. This is especially true of the the important things that need to be remembered and completed. The great news is that technology has reached a point where it can make it […]

Get A MySpace Account – Everyone Has One

I remember a time when you had to go out to bars, clubs, class, or social functions to meet fellow college students. It used to be that you would actually had to walk up to someone that you wanted to meet and say, ‘Hi, my name is’. This was the most common way to make […]

Get A Facebook Account – Everyone Has One

It used to be that you would walk in to a classroom on campus at college and sit down next to a fellow student. You would turn to that student and say, ‘Hi, my name…’ this is how you made friends, made enemies, or some weird combination of both. Sometimes these friends, boyfriends, or girlfriends […]

Back to School Fashion For Women

College students have packed up their clothes, iPods, and microwaves and are in the process of heading back to school for the 2006-2007 school year. So if you were to open up a college student’s suitcase and take a peak at their clothing for the fall season, what exactly would you find in there that […]

Back to School Fashion For Men

Even though they don’t like to admit it most of the time (guys, you know that it is true), most guys are just as concerned about the way that they look as women are. This is especially true for the college guys that are heading back-to-school this fall season. So what is new, hip, and […]

What to Expect Your Freshman Year – What You Need to Know to be in The Know

Freshman year in college is an exciting and scary time. Its a good idea to be able to know what to expect ahead of time so you don’t wander around with a dazed look on your face, late to every class. Don’t expect it to be anything near high school. It’s not. College is a […]

How To Live Away From Home

College holds surprises of many types for new students. It is also most often the students first attempt at living away from home and that poses it’s own set of problems. At home, a student is put at ease by familiar surroundings plus the added support of family and friends to aid in the process […]

Going Greek: Is it Right For You?

Depending on the college your enrolled in going Greek may be anything from a major lifestyle change to few extracurricular activities. It makes a difference what kind of a presence Greek life has in your school as to whether or not it is right for you. More prevalent in the south, some northern fraternities and […]

The Freshman 15 and Other Reasons to Take Good Care of Yourself

Have you ever heard of the Freshman 15? It is a phenomenon that occurs when students enter their freshman year and suddenly find that they cannot cook. They end up eating tons of fast food and other junk resulting in a weight gain of at least 15 lbs. during the year. Freshman are new to […]